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A Labor of Love: From Our Vision Board

When we created our 2018 Sandra Troux Mysteries Vision Board, the phrase "Labor of Love" was clearly an important aspect of our working and writing collaboration as we imagine and manifest the characters and plots of the Sandra Troux Mysteries book series.

What does the word labor in the phrase "Labor of Love" mean? Labor evokes work, work hard, hard work, involvement, effort, engagement, producing, strive, exert, struggle, expend, etc. Oh my, I am exhausted just thinking about this idea of work - doing something that is so draining to produce results and make a living.

But Labor of Love - ahhhhh - that's totally different. A labor of love is work done for the pleasure of it, for the satisfaction, for the effort itself. Some people labor only for the pleasure of it, with no thought whatsoever of material reward. The work itself is the reward.

However, for those of us remaking, re-envisioning or reinventing our lives as so many Baby Boomers - especially women - are doing, a Labor of Love includes personal satisfaction AND material satisfaction.

We labor out of the love of working together. We labor out of the love of writing. We labor to inspire women to reach for their visions for themselves.

So, on this 2018 Valentine's Day, think about what your Labor of Love is. What excites you? What do you feel passionate about? What can you create that will bring you personal and material satisfaction? Send a valentine to yourself with a vision of what your labor of love might be. It will be your Love's Labors Found!

Let us know. Send us a message at We'll post your Love's Labors Found here on our blog.

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