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We've Been Busy!

While some people have been playing Candy Crush or binge-watching classic TV shows on Netflix, we’ve been busy with new creations, rolling out now and over the coming months.

In the spring, we partnered with Gear Bubble and Amazon Seller to offer two series of mugs (yes,mugs!). Our STM Motivational Mugs (15-oz white ceramic) depict inspirational quotes from 24 iconic women in history (Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt & May West to drop a few names). Our ABC Inspirational Mugs (11-oz white ceramic) feature attributes for each letter in a choice of three fonts.

Mid-summer, we’ll unveil the redesign & expansion of our website,,

along with a stronger presence in social media. Starting July 31 st , expect regular blog posts, pins, FB posts, and Instagram photos spotlighting our fiction and non-fiction titles (and mugs).

Late summer, you’ll be able to broaden your culinary experience with our expanded, full-color recipe book, Cook [& Eat] Global. It features 130+ recipes from seven countries – all inspired by the travels of our sheroes in the first three books of the Sandra Troux Mysteries.

In early fall, we’ll introduce Theft of History, the first in our middle-grade-reader adventure

mystery series, Troux Sleuths. Set in the mid-1950s, this series is a prequel to Sandra Troux

Mysteries, introducing the grown-up trio Sandra Simone Troux (Sandy), Barbara Ann Power

(Bobbi) and Elizabeth Lee Sheridan (Lizbet) as 10-year-olds at the beginning of their lifelong

friendship and sleuthing career.

Well before the holiday book buying season, expect to see our fourth Sandra Troux Mysteries

title, Peril at the Pelato. Set in Spain’s Basque Country and Ireland, Peril pits our three shero

sleuths against a terrorist cell bent on illegal organ trafficking, stolen 3-D human organs & tissue, kidnapping, murder, and revenge.

We’ll get back to you as each of our new creations goes live. In the meantime, use the links

embedded in the second paragraph above to check out our two mug collections. Ciao!


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