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Masquerade on the Net

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Kidnappings. Duplicity. Extortion. Murder.


Sandra Troux, Bobbi Power and Lizbet Sheridan foil criminal forces that threaten global security in an uncanny parallel to contemporary events. Tension mounts when Sandy is drugged and dragged to Russia by ruthless cyber criminals. After a harrowing escape, she and her companions race through the treacherous streets of Moscow, dodge bullets at the Sochi Olympic site, and trek through oil spills in the eco-threatened Niger Delta.  


The sheroes battle the ruthless Russian Bratva and its murderous Nigerian counterparts as they struggle to rescue new friends and trusted colleagues. In a desperate fight atop the St. Alexandre-Nevsky Cathedral in Paris, they confront villains in a global masquerade of crime and intrigue, duplicitous identities, Imperial Romanov secrets, and devastating cyber extortion.  In the end, they unmask a malevolent plot to usurp the worldwide cyber, financial and energy markets.

Reader Reviews

   Duryeaplace Books

   Nanuet, NY

This adventure-packed story taps into current issues and combines internet crime, family mysteries and political intrigue, not to mention strong friendships and a little romance.

   Caryn Starr-Gates

   Amazon reader

Great mystery story unmasked. What a fun mystery romp! The story is so well thought out and the characters are brought to life so vividly. It's a page-turner you'll love. Nice touch on the appendix with the characters laid out for reference.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

   William R. Trotter,

   Novelist and historian


The plot of Masquerade, while always 'crystal' clear, takes many surprising and fascinating turns, causing the story to surge forward with real page turning momentum.  What more could a hard-core Nancy Drew fan ask for?

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