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 Secrets at Abbott House

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A Time Shifting Mystery: Betrayal. Espionage. Slavery, Past and Present. 


Silver sheroes Sandra Troux, Bobbi Power and Lizbet Sheridan “ride” the historic Underground Railroad.  They rip away cover ups revealing clues linking current corporate crimes to century-old secrets of sex, love, rape, and murder.  The trio speeds through New Jersey and NYC to the Carolinas, Haiti and back.  They untangle an intricate web of contemporary fashion knockoffs and forced labor that mirrors Civil War era slavery.  Some shocking discoveries nearly destroy their friendships.

Reader Reviews

   Jersey Girl

   Amazon reader

A fun and fast moving read. Great fun and lots of intrigue. Especially enjoyable if you ever read Nancy Drew!  These women are people you would love to have as friends.

   Amazon reader

I am on the trip with them.  I read the Nancy Drew books and I LOVE to imagine that they are the same women who matured just as I have and now traveling the world solving mysteries and take me along to dinner and sights and the creative solving of mysteries.

   Dr. Patricia Lander

   Nanuet, NY


Smart combination of fiction and history. This book is definitely a riveting mystery complete with murder, corporate espionage, and misunderstandings between friends.  What makes it stand out, in my mind, is the fascinating interweaving of current and historical realities...A great read.

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