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Judge's Review: 22nd Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards

The Writer's Digest judge's commentary/review is certainly fueling our creative juices as we work on Book 3, Secrets at Abbott House. Watch for it July 2015! "MASQUERADE ON THE NET by Crystal Sharpe is a rollicking, continent-hopping thriller with a disparate cast of characters. The heroine, Dr. Sandy Troux, anthropologist as well as detective, and her cohorts Bobbi and Lizbet, have a rousing good time while being kidnapped and transported around the world. Beginning with the theft of a valuable Faberge pendant from a Russian princess, we’re off on an adventure peopled with Russian thugs, Nigerian intellectuals, and corrupt African politicians. Financial hacking, real estate swindles, cyber scams, escapes, rescues, and close calls – even a snowmobile flight from the Sochi Olypmics – makes for a fascinating and hair-raising narrative. I found this book difficult to put down, such was the pull of its inventive genius. I often found myself smiling and laughing at a new adventure. If a friend needs to get out of the doldrums, this is the book to give her. Our intrepid heroine is a modern Wonder Woman. She flies jets, races motorcycles and has contacts within an international alphabet soup of crime fighting agencies. Add evil twins, oil spills, environmentalists, and pirates, and you have something for everyone. This convoluted plot provides a real page turner with a most satisfying ending. I look for another Dr. Sandy book soon."

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