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Introducing Our Newest Title ~ Coming in October

COOK [& EAT] GLOBAL is a full-color expansion of our original Culinary Clues recipe book, with more than 130 recipes from seven countries.

This tasty collection of recipes sets out an international buffet of scrumptious food, dishes and delicacies drawn from and inspired by the Sandra Troux Mysteries book series.

From the Mystery of the Ming Connection, savor traditional recipes from South Korea and China. Relish selected dishes of Russian, Nigerian and French cuisine, fresh from the pages of Masquerade on the Net. Taste culinary regional specialties from the tables of New Jersey, the Carolinas and Haiti, as featured in Secrets at Abbott House.  Bonus details of the cuisines and customs of each region are included throughout the book.

Speed around the world with shero sleuths Sandra Troux, Bobbi Power and Lizbet Sheridan as they sample hot pot in Seoul and dumplings served in towers of bamboo steamers in Xian.

Spoon up beef and beet borsht in Moscow, tomato stew and jollop rice in Nigeria, and top off these dishes with café au lait and pain au chocolate in Paris.

In Newark, nibble on iconic black and white cookies and savor Jersey Shore saltwater taffy. Let larruping slaw, cornbread and North Carolina barbeque drip down your chin in Greensboro. Then fill those last corners of your stomach in Port-au-Prince with Haitian riz et pois rouge ak coconut let (rice and beans in coconut milk) and pain patte (sweet potato pudding).

Get out your knives, forks, spoons, chopsticks, and fingers to chow down on those delicious dishes. Our sheroes will be happy to sit down to a meal from each country’s cuisine with you and chew over clues to the mysteries that are peppered throughout this recipe book.

COOK [& EAT] GLOBAL is available in paperback exclusively from Amazon and in multiple ebook formats.


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