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Sheroic Websites

Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party --huge art piece celebrating historical women. On permanent display at the Brooklyn Museum.

InLife SHEROES is a movement set to empower women through financial education, health and wellness, women-specific solutions, and access to business networks.

Women only social network and app encompassing education, fashion & beauty, health, parenting, and more.

Sheroes of History is a blog and social media platform, formed in 2014, to reach and inspire women and girls by sharing stories of historic sheroes and motivate them to reach for more. It is one of the largest online databases of historical women and enjoys a global audience.

The British sister site of Sheroes of History was formed to take the stories of these women, and others, and enable today’s women and girls to apply them to their own lives.

SHEROES United is a movement of women who DARE to change the world through Love. (DARE - Dignity - Action - Respect - Education). Itembraces female SUPER ROLE MODELS in local and global communities to empower their voices and become triumph creators for positive change.

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