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Free Sandra Troux Mysteries eBook in Honor of Women's History Month

With the focus this month on powerful women - both in history and the present day - we are proud to offer a book jam packed with strong women characters driving the action in a spellbinding mystery story. On Monday, March 6 from 12:01 a.m. to midnight you can order a free ebook of Secrets at Abbott House, Book 3 in the Sandra Troux Mysteries collection, written by two women collaborators under the pen name Crystal Sharpe.

The plot shifts from counterfeit high-tech fashion labeling, contemporary sweat shops and murder to Civil War-era family secrets of slavery, illicit love and murder – linked by old letters, diaries and flashbacks. Sandy, Bobbi and Lizbet travel the historic Underground Railroad, starting in a little known “station” in Montclair, New Jersey – tracking villains through the shocking Carolina upcountry to the troubled isle of Haiti and back again. The danger and secrets they uncover will test their courage and friendship as they thwart a corporate espionage scam, global in scope.

Secrets at Abbott House is rich in effective women characters:

* Cassandra, a Haitian activist tracking down forced labor sweat shops

* Phara, a renowned international Haitian singer

* Bobbi, a fashion marketing VP battling global corporate espionage

* Lizbet, an adult Korean/African American adoptee in search of her American roots

* Sandy, a retired anthropologist on the trail of forgotten Civil War crime

...and many more

Take advantage of this free ONE DAY ONLY special offer on Monday, March 6th!




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