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Sandra Troux Mysteries Website Relaunch: It's a Wowzer!!

We are proud to announce the relaunch of our website!

It's a beauty.

There are lots of new sections and productions.

We're completing a new Sandra Troux Mystery, Peril at the Pelota. It'll be out in the new year. Sandy, Bobbi and Lizbet face deathly danger as they defeat an international organ theft ring.

There's a brand new series -- for middle grade readers. Troux Sleuths is a prequel to the Sandra Troux mysteries. So you can hang out with Sandy, Bobbi and Lizbet at ten years old. This is the beginning of their lifelong friendship and sleuthing career. Then add some women's and civil rights history, adventure and mystery flavored with a soupcon of magic time travel. Book one, Theft of History, takes the trio to the 1848 Seneca Falls, Women's Rights Convention, women's vote and confronts the Ku Klux Klan.

Our previous recipe book, Culinary Clues is relaunched in a new expanded version. Cook [& Eat] Global offers more than 130 recipes from the seven countries of the current mysteries leavened with cultural tidbits and beautiful full color photographs. Since none of us can travel during this pandemic, these recipes let you roam the world, cooking and tasting the delicious dishes offered in this new version.

And while you are cooking and reading, you can sip your tea, coffee, cider or hot chocolate from one (or more) of the 72 mugs that you can order.  There are mugs with the letters of the alphabet and wonderful uplifting attributes to go with each letter. Plus there are mugs with inspiring quotes from 24 famous women and one man--Frederick Douglass!

We'll be so happy for schools, libraries, book clubs and book stores to provide our books in print and e-book versions and soon in audio. Plus invite us to talk via zoom or skype. We'd love to visit with your group. Contact us!

Well, that's a taste of the new website. Sign up for our monthly newsletter. Follow us on facebook, Pinterest and soon on Instagram for the latest in our sheroes' doings.

And most important -- find the shero in yourself!  Our mission is to enable girls and women to reach beyond their possible! Enjoy!!!

And huge thanks to Lisa Tan for her beautiful website design and Melissa May for ramping up our social media with her crackling pins and posts. Thank you thank you both,

Virginia and Linda

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