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Gain Weight: Our New Year's Resolution!

Gain weight, you say!?! Are you nuts? You are definitely 100% totally crazy!

No, we are not, not, not!!! Linda and Virginia (AKA Crystal Sharpe) are gaining weight this new year: adding to the Sandra Troux Mysteries book shelf with another riveting, spine tingling, page turning mystery of international proportions. Peril at the Pelota will glue you to your seat as our terrific threesome takes on some of the worst criminals ever.

Why did Bobbi go missing in the Basque Country of Spain?

Why are eviscerated bodies washing up on the coast of Spain and the Basque Country?

What does the Nazi bombing of Guernica have to do with the current peril to Sandy, Bobbi and Lizbet?

What's the link between Libya and Spain?

What does 3D printing have to do with anything???

In the coming posts, Linda and Virginia will take you inside the process of creating a Sandra Troux Mystery as Crystal Sharpe taps away on her keyboard, creating page after page of exciting revelations!

Stay tuned...

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