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Welcome to Sandra Troux Mysteries

Welcome to the Web site and blog for Sandra Troux Mysteries. As girlhood Nancy Drew fans, we were inspired to create a contemporary series starring Baby Boomers who share our love for this genre. In the first adventure, The Mystery of the Ming Connection, our "s/heroes" -- Sandy Troux, Bobbi Power and Lizbet Sheridan -- track international art thieves and sex traffickers from New York to Seoul to Beijing and Xian. And they confront a diabolical plot by Taiping Rebellion and Nazi descenda

nts to take over China and ultimately the world.

We'll be writing collaboratively and separately about our writing process and about reinventing ourselves as fiction writers. We'll explore the impact of Nancy Drew, including who she inspired, and who we hope Sandy Troux will inspire. We'll touch on the history, cultures and countries we feature in our books. We'll write about Baby Boomer re-invention and new personal paradigms. Finally, we will describe our venture into e-book publishing and writing.

So during these wintery months, go on an Asian adventure with Sandy, Bobbi and Lizbet on your favorite e-book reader!

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