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Create a Vision Board for 2018

Everyone needs a vision and this year, we have created the above board to set out our 2018 vision for Sandra Troux Mysteries.

Let's address one aspect of our vision right now.

Up at the top of the board under the Sandra Troux Mysteries title you'll see the words "a name you know." These four little words are a key goal for this year.

We are focused on making Sandra Troux Mysteries a name that is known.

When we talk to people directly about the concept of our series -- three lifelong women friends who recast their lives in their 60s and become international crime solving sleuths -- the response is incredibly positive. Yet, reaching individuals is a time consuming and lengthy process.

So executing "a name you know" in a more effective way will be very key to achieving this goal.

We are inviting you to come along on this journey with us to make Sandra Troux Mysteries "#ANAMEYOUKNOW."

If you are in a book club, we'll come to you personally anywhere in the NYC Tri-state area. If you are out of this region, we can come to you via Skype or Snapchat.

We want to make connections with you -- our readers and potential readers -- to talk about our books. To share with you how we create our books. And to share the very important messages of our series.

Sandy, Bobbi and Lizbet, our sheroes, have a great inspirational message, which is also reflected in the above vision board: IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!.

When women marshal their forces, the results are individually life altering and collectively world changing. And the underlying mission of Sandra Troux Mysteries is to deliver that message.

The #METOO and #TIMESUP environment is a result of women and supportive men coming together to make a better world: exactly the mission of Sandra Troux Mysteries.

To take this conversation further, email us at

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